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Dip Moulded PVC Cap


We offer a wide variety of reliable, cost effective PVC plastic caps and other dip molded PVC products. These dip moulded products are available with us in various diameters, lengths, colors, textures and chemical formulations. The diameter of these dip molded PVC plastic caps ranges between 0.060 and 6.5000 with excellent molding capability up to 20” diameter and 60” long. We use various varieties of pigments to color these caps with textures like high gloss, matte and foam finishes ensuring your custom requirements. High temperature resistance, anti stat (ESD), copper non staining and flame resistance are some of the ideal features of dip moulded PVC caps.

Insulating Handles
A unique dip molding process is carried out at AISHREE Products for PVC dip moulding handle grips. We offer a wide range of custom designed PVC dip moulding products and components including protection caps, long caps, grab tap caps, sleeves, dip coatings, square caps, bellows, square end caps and many more. Also they are available in various sizes and shapes.


  PVC dip moulded handle grips gives superior grip to your products. Applications: general engineering; electrical; automotive; and switchgear, etc. PVC end caps are strong & permanent environmental seal. Excellent resistance to weathering, moisture contamination & adverse environmental conditions.
  Dip Moulded PVC Insulators

Manufacturer of dip molded insulated coatings even for complex and irregular shaped parts. Dip moulded insulations are made from PVC plastic material and is offered in various colors and finishes. Technical verification of dip moulded PVC insulators at various stages of process include plastisol hot dip molding, in-house tooling, coating, fabricating, designing, cleaning, degreasing, sandblasting, chemical pre-treating, assembling, final verification, packaging etc.

Dip molded plastic insulations are generally used for equipment protection applications in industries. We offer both the armored PVC insulators and non-armored PVC insulators with various cable cores



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