Dip Moulded pvc Extruders,
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Dip Moulded PVC Extruders


We manufacturer almost all kinds of dip moulded extrusion products for their use in automotive, technical and engineering applications.  We offer PVC extruders in various sizes and lengths including continuous length, pre-jointed, D-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped, square or rectangular.






  PVC Connector Cover

Wiring harness find their uses in a variety of applications ranging from automobiles to consumer - appliances. The wiring assembly connects to the respective sockets / terminals with the help of connectors and terminals. These terminals / connectors are usually made of brass / copper. Insulation is a must for such components. To assist in this function, Insulation sleeves are used.

Dip molded plastic insulations are generally used for equipment protection applications in industries.  We offer both the armored PVC insulators and non-armored PVC insulators with various cable cores.



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